CEDEF has been running the Climate Action programmes for almost two decades, motivated by the acceleration of the climate change across the globe. The increase in greenhouse gas emissions brought about climate disasters, which led to more than 1 000 000 deaths, causing an imbalance in the environment, as well as the social and economic stability. The implementation of the Paris Agreement is necessary, as well as propelling ambitious financing of the mitigation and adaptation measures, and finally, conducting a continual education, while raising awareness in our communities. We believe in the intergenerational justice based on the conservation of resources for the following generations. There is an urgent need for the introduction of long-term measures for the renewable and clean energy, energy efficiency, as well as water, soil, air and resource protection, in order to ensure harmonious development in our society and a better future for all.

Quality Education

CEDEF believes in Quality Education and considers it a necessary condition for a fundamental development of every society. Quality Education is also one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Learning surroundings and the quality of education often lag behind the swift global changes and requirements set by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The capacities of the traditional educational systems are not adapted to the lifelong learning, which is the only form of a certain long-term progress. Furthermore, contemporary cultural patterns are insufficient in encouraging excellence, while lacking in adequate response to the fullest development of gifted individuals’ and teams’ capacities. Specific and dedicated action is required, carried out by both the public and private sector, so it could bridge this gap by using relevant and quality education that could inspire a lifelong change.

Investments and Innovations

Investing in new development projects, new technologies and knowledge have multiple effects and advantages in the economic and social development. They provide grounds for a culture of unlimited creativity, inventiveness and innovations. That is why one of the programmes of CEDEF is Investments and Innovations. Investments that are connected to the quality education as well as climate action inspire an ecosystem of ideas and people who take into consideration the interconnection between the interests of companies, employees and wider social and natural surroundings. There lays the fertile ground for the development of new types of leaders: “Leaders in Sustainable Development”, a specific project developed by CEDEF with the support of relevant ministries.

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