Climate change, quality education, investments and innovations – crucial factors for the creation of a better and sustainable future for all.

In order to achieve a better and sustainable future for all, similarly to the goals of the United Nations, CEDEF is focusing on sustainable development as a condition for achieving a better future. Sustainable development is CEDEF’s key programme platform. It is a platform for the three fundamental programmes whose goal is to contribute to the resolution of some of the critical challenges that our modern society faces. Three programmatic corpora are also the SDGs, the UN Sustainable Development Goals: climate change, quality education, investments and innovations. Each of the three areas is a vital factor in creating a better and sustainable future for all.

Our activities are shaped by the institutional culture and a belief based on the theory of interdependence between the social actors and relevant stakeholders, according to which the organization is accountable to all parts of the society. CEDEF therefore creates networks, offers advice, and represents all the stakeholders in the areas of climate change, quality education, investments and innovations. It aids the creation of synergy between the creators of public policies, business and industry, universities and research organizations, municipalities, international organizations and the media. CEDEF engages with the key leaders in politics, business and culture and other parts of the society in order to influence and shape global, regional and local programmes on the macroeconomic and microeconomic plain. We believe that progress can be achieved by congregating of the people from all walks of life, who have an awareness and competence to bring about positive change and contribute to creating a better and sustainable future for all.

We aspire to achieve our goals through raising awareness and cooperation, shaping public discourse and propelling collective action. We make that happen through research, publications, expert conferences, forums and accessible education. CEDEF has been awarded two notable acknowledgements: “Serbian Visions” by AHK, The German Industry Chamber in Serbia and Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as the “Kapetan Miša Anastasijević” award for an exceptional contribution to the Serbian ecology.

The governing bodies of CEDEF are the Supervisory Board, the Assembly, the President and the Counsel.

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