2 – 3 March 2017, Hall “Master”, Novi Sad Fair


Central European Development Forum, CEDEF, Novi Sad Fair and Provincial Secretariat for Energy, Construction and Transport organize the International Energy and Investments Days, that will be held in Novi Sad from 2nd to 3rd of March 2017.

Sixth International Energy and Investments Days encourage business contacts and cooperation between all relevant actors in the energy sector, construction, environmental protection and local development in Serbia and the region and stimulate greater investment in these areas. It takes place on the eve of the 5th of March, the International Energy Efficiency Day. The aim is to provide a place for the presentation of projects and finding adequate financial and technical partners for their implementation.

Agenda of International energy and investment days look here.

The International Energy and Investments Days, are aimed at:

  • Encouraging business contacts and co-operation between all the relevant stakeholders in the field of energy, investment, construction, environment and local development sectors in Serbia and the Region
  • Informing potential investors about the investment projects and stimulating higher investment in these fields
  • Presenting advanced technologies as well as forms of financing energy, infrastructure and construction projects
  • Positioning the topic of climate change within public awareness, as one of the most significant topics at the present day, in which inventive and responsible companies are playing tremendous role
  • Motivating the media, as they represent the crucial and logical partners for continuing support and spreading the awareness about the necessity of more energy efficient consumption, altering renewable energy sources and environmental protection
  • Gathering the most prominent leaders and experts, that will together make a contribution to higher quality work on prevailing topics such as energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, funding opportunities, building construction industry and climate change

Focal point of International Energy and Investments Day will be on the fields of energy sector, funding and construction, as well as the special relation between construction and energy sector through energy efficiency inbuildings. The emphasis will also be on the primary topic of modern time – fight against climate change.

International Energy and Investment Days provides a unique opportunity for a two-day presentation of your company, local governments, agencies, associations in the congress and exhibition area, as well as the establishment of direct solid relationship with visitors and participants of the meeting.

Report of the International Energy and Investment Days 2016 is available here.


Novi Sad Fair provides exceptionally attractive possibilities for exhibitors in its up-to-date and technically equipped Master Centre, with complete fair offer of booths of different sizes and an exceptional opportunity for meetings. The organisers had prepared very intensive promotional programme for all the exhibitors and participants in the Congress programme.

International Energy and Investments Days, during the two days, will present companies and technologies in the field of energy efficiency, construction, renewable energy and environmental protection, as well as financial institutions and organisations that finance projects in this field, local governments, agencies, associations in the Congress and Exhibition part.


We have prepared for you a quality Congress Programme, including series of professional conferences, workshops, round tables and presentations of advanced technologies. The program contains more than 20 conferences, round tables, expert gatherings, workshops as well as B2B meetings. Large number of these will be certified by Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

International Energy and Investments Days  will bring together more than 2.000 experts who are representatives of governments, local governments, relevant international and national financial and development institutions and organizations, businesses, the media in the field of energy and construction sector as well as the other guests. Interactions between listed parties are aimed to encourage investments in both energy and construction sector, industrial parks, construction of waste water treatment plants, stimulate greater use of renewable energy sources, the implementation of ESCO contracts, public-private partnerships, application of energy efficiency measures as well as raising the awareness about the climate change in Serbia and the region.

With the goal of a better recognition of Manifestation in international circles and establishing direct contacts with potential foreign investors in these fields, this year, as before, the International Days of Energy and Investment will have special partners in the „Partner Country“ and „Associate Country“ categories.

Programme Council of the International Energy and Investments Days, as the previous years, is comprised of eminent names in their respective fields, politics and science at the republic, regional and city level.


Become a partner at the International Energy and Investment days 2017:

Establish new direct business contacts

Several hundred stakeholders, mayors and mayors from all over Serbia, potential partners and other associates, partners and ESCO PPP, representatives of state institutions and regulators, all in one place

We believe that you will see the interest of your company taking part in the International Energy and Investment Days and will thus implement together a quality and unique event.

For more information please contact:

Milica Milićević


Mirjana Varga


The organizers have provided free participation in the entire congress part for all of the participants in the audience –
participation in conferences has no fee.

Please apply HERE.