CEDEF conducts research and research projects in the field of EE and RES. Consulting expert teams in collaboration with academic partners for CEDEF and stakeholders collect and analyze data that constitute the substance of research and form the basis for policy recommendations that CEDEF represents. CEDEF also conducts a review of attitudes about a particular topic to research results could be used to create CEDEF programs and policies it represents.

Some of the research included the regulatory framework for investment in mini-hydro power plants, projects of biomass waste in cooperation with the consulting company Bovan Consulting, financial and investment aspects of energy efficiency and renewable energy, industrial energy, EE in SMEs. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, CEDEF has conducted extensive research on the topic of CEFTA among 500 Serbian companies presented at the international meeting of the CEFTA 2010.

For EBRD in collaboration with a research company MASMI we conducted research related to the development of the consulting market for energy auditors and assessors in Serbia

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