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May 29- June 2

Energy Week 2017

Central European Development Forum - CEDEF, the Energy Secretariat of the City of Belgrade and under the institutional auspices of the by the City of Belgrade and the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, for the first time in Serbia have successfully organized the event "Energy Week - Nedelja energije" from the 29th of May to the 2nd June 2017 in Belgrade.

The program of events can be seen HERE.
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FIRST DAY, May 29th, 2017.

The event was opened by the Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic, President of CEDEF and dean of the Metropolitan University PhD Ana Bovan, Acting Head of EU Delegation in Serbia Oscar Benedict and Secretary of the Secretariat of Energy of the City of Belgrade, Marko Stojanovic..

Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic has opened the Energy week in front of the Old Palace and pointed out that during the whole week the focus will be on energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean energy. At the opening of the event Minister Antic said that it was a great day for Belgrade and Serbia, as we are ranked among the 20 metropolis that organize Energy week.

"Serbia already uses solar farms and begins to use the wind parks which provide 17 megawatts of electricity. The first windmills have already started to revolve in Serbia and will only be rotating in the future", Antic noted, adding that Serbia is in various stages of implementing projects for another 483 megawatts which will be generated only from wind parks.

President of CEDEF and dean of the Metropolitan University PhD Ana Bovan said that this event is a tool for development in the most important areas and for economic growth, greater competitiveness and resource conservation. She added that it is necessary to raise the responsibility of all those involved in the implementation of measures, to energy efficiency and the fight for the preservation of resources and called on citizens to participate in the celebration of the Energy week..

Acting Head of the EU Delegation in Serbia Oscar Benedict said that the celebration of the Energy week is an important event for Serbia, because that starts a long-term transformation of society that is being directed to renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental protection. He said that the city of Belgrade has started many activities, especially with regard to energy efficiency in buildings, and more work on the introduction of clean energy in particular those derived from the sun and wind. Benedict expressed the hope that the EU will help Serbia even more in this area in the next period.

Initially the event was attended by Mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali, President of the City Assembly Nikola Nikodijevic, Mayor Assistant Borko Milosavljevic and Secretary of Secretariat for Environmental Protection of Belgrade, Goran Trivan..

After the opening ceremony a "High Level Policy Conference: Sustainable Energy for All" was held at City Hall, at which participants were addressed by Zoran Predic, State Secretary of the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia; Marko Stojanovic, Secretary of the Secretariat of Energy of the City of Belgrade; Goran Trivan, Secretary of Secretariat for Environmental Protection of Belgrade; PhD Ana Bovan, President of CEDEF and dean of the Metropolitan University and Savo Bezmarevic, executive director for energy production of EPS.

At the plateau in front of the Old Palace, at The positive energy fair, young innovators and partners of this event have presented their projects, innovations and products. Opportunity to inform the general public about their achievements had Milan Tepic, in front of student project team "Road Arrow" representing design and manufacture of electric sports car for the international Formula Student competition; Studentsko preduzece from Novi Sad with their product Solar charger, produced from biodegradable plastics and recycled batteries; students of Elementary school "Despot Stefan Lazarevic” exposed and explained the functioning of the solar oven, solar bugs and cars that were made in the workshops, in the context of school sections and individual work. Participants of technical education section have made a very interesting model of part of the village, with pool and park, and presented the possibility of using solar energy. It was interesting to show the use of solar energy for water filtration and distillation. Civil Engineering Technical School "Branko Zezelj" presented student works - graphic drawings and scale models of buildings - promotion of energy efficiency in the construction industry; Elementary school "Janko Veselinovic" showed fashion garments made from recycled materials; students of the Electrical Engineering School "Nikola Tesla", showed the largest number of awards in competitions among electrical schools in Serbia; Electrical Engineering School "Rade Koncar"; PCC Gradsko zelenilo set up the green wall; city ​​of Pancevo – presented specialized vehicle for heating water in the field using solar energy as well as small city electric car - the use of solar energy and wind power to charge battery packs on the vehicle.

The important partners of the event companies ABB and Alumil presented the latest technologies in the production of their products.

Workshop for students: “EE and application of renewable energy in practice” was held at The Natural History Museum where the students from Electrical Engineering School "Nikola Tesla" held a lecture for elementary school students on energy efficiency, rational use of energy and the importance of using renewable energy sources. During the three days lectures were held by students from Electrical Engineering School "Rade Koncar" and Civil Engineering Technical School "Branko Zezelj".

Within the first day of the event in the crowded amphitheater at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, was presented the new, sixth in a row, a Formula Team car "Road arrow 2017".

"Road arrow 2017" has improved characteristics - significantly improved suspension system and ergonomics of the driver, the vehicle weight is reduced and the center of gravity is lowered. This year even better results are expected and high placement as well. According to team leaders, Strahinja Zdravkovic, the team was completely reorganized this year and the subteam for materials was introduced for the first time. Special emphasis was put on the development of technologies for the production of parts and improving their reliability and the vehicle electronics has been substantially improved.

SECOND DAY, May 30th 2017

The second day of Energy Week has started with „Expert conference: New technologies in energy”, held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at which the participants were adressed by PhD Radivoje Mitrovic, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Marko Stojanović, Secretary in Secreteriat of Energy, City of Belgrade; PhD Ana Bovan, President of CEDEF and Dean of the Metropolitan University; PhD Branko Bozic, Dean of Civil Engineering Faculty; PhD Nebojsa Bojovic, Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering; PhD Zoran Jovanovic, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering; PhD Milos Banjac, Assistant of Minister in the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia; PhD Maja Todorovic, Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; PhD Dragoslav Stojiljkovic, professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and PhD Aleksandar Jovovic, professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Participants agreed that energy efficiency is one of the most effective and most cost-effective ways to achieve sustainable development. However, apart from the legislative framework, which clearly defines measures and activities to reduce energy consumption in Serbia, it is important to raise awareness about energy efficiency and sustainability, the use of renewable energy sources and environmental protection. Positive experiences of developed countries point to the advantages of new technologies in the energy sector. Regarding this, special emphasis was placed on the important role of the scientific community in Serbia, which, it is estimated to be the main partner in achieving energy efficiency standards.

Initiative of the city authorities was supported by the deans of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Transport and Traffic Engineering Faculty, whose presentations introduced scientific personnel and educational-scientific institution resources in which they are located, as well as projects in the field of energy efficiency which they work on.

Upon completion of the Expert meeting at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, a Visit and exibition of Formula Team "Road arrow 2017" was held as well as Visit to the energy managers and consultants training organization.

Parallel to the expert conference at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade Power Plants opened its doors for students of the second grade of elementary school "20. October ". Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksadandar Antic and Marko Stojanovic, Secretary in Secreteriat of Energy, City of Belgrade pointed the present students to the importance of environmental protection, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Tour included visit to multimedia center with an interesting lecture for primary school students, visit to the dispatch center, Thermo command section tour, boilers and demo truck presentation and manufacturers of biomass boilers, wood chips and pellets in front of the Belgrade power plant.

THIRD DAY, May 31st 2017

The third day of the Energy Week was marked by energy expert conferences held in Sava Center throughout the whole day. The conference "Belgrade - Energy Efficiency Champion" was led by the speakers Marko Stojanovic, who pointed out that the City of Belgrade wants to promote everything that is done in the field of energy and environmental protection. Stojanovic said that the conference in the "Energy Week", from the standpoint of the City of Belgrade and its energy projects, is extremely important.

The conference was attended by Marko Stojanovic the Secretary of the Secretariat of Energy City of Belgrade; Natasa Djokic, Assistant Secretary of the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of Belgrade; Bojan Bogdanovic, deputy director of engineering Beoelektrane; Slobodan Misanovic, project manager at GSP Belgrade; Biljana Vlajic, manager of the investment and construction of JKP Parking service and Ognjen Todorovic, a representative of Project Bike sharing.

President of CEDEF, PhD Ana Bovan said that Serbia has already complied with most of European Union regulations when it comes to energy efficiency and environmental protection. According to her, Energy Week 2017 in Belgrade is a part of the broader concept of "EU Sustainable Energy Week",which is held since 2006

Second conference with the theme "New Technologies and Sustainable Cities" was opened by Antonela Solujic, Head of the department for the promotion of energy efficiency in the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, Francois Debergh, Director for Serbia and Montenegro - Development Director for the Western Balkans, Veolia, a prominent partner in the Energy Week. Beside him, the participants of the conference were addressed by Rares Gantolea, assistant of the Mayor of the City of Resica, Romania; Andjela Vila, Advisor at the Secretariat for Economy and Economic Development of the City of Pancevo; Aleksandar Djikanovic, Project manager at the company Xella; Lazar Nikolic, Mayor of the City of Gornji Milanovac; Miodrag Grujic, Head of climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of Belgrade; Suncica Gardijan, Researcher-collaborator at the Faculty of Mining and Geology; PhD Dejan Ivezic, Head of the Department for general mechanical engineering and thermodynamics of Mining and Geology Faculty, member of the Board HERON project; Vladimir Grujovic, Head of the city administration for LER city of Cacak.

The Conference day ended with an “Instructive session for local governments: PPP and ESCO contracts” in which presented their experiences Filip Abramovic, director of the Authority for waste management in the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of Belgrade; Nenad Ilic, a consultant for PPP in the "PPP"; Marija Tasic, attorney, Tasic & Partners and Zoran Kapor, EBRD REEP project of support the Ministry of Mines and Energy to establish the legal framework and the development of ESCO projects.

In the EU Info Center was organized a lecture for high school students on the topic "The experience of working in the energy company", where their experience of working in large energy companies and their path to employment through training shared Jovana Milosevic, LIAS engineer, Philips Lighting and Lenka Petrovic , a leading design engineer, Minel Schreder. This was a unique opportunity for the present high school students hear that kind of personal experiences that will be useful for their future path and development. The lecture was a kind of discussion supported also by Gligo Vukovic from the EU Delegation in Serbia and Marko Stojanovic, Secretary in Secretariat of Energy.

FOURTH DAY, June 1st 2017

The fourth day of Energy week took place in the Institut Cervantes, through the presentation and discussion SE4ALL UNEP initiatives in the City of Belgrade on the subject "Energy efficiency accelerator in the building sector", which was introduced by Sonja Malicevic, UN Environment; Eric Mackres, World Resources Institute; Jelena Zivkovic, BEA, technical advisor; Petar Vasiljevic, Belgrade Power Plants; Pablo de Agustin, Tecnalia.

Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) and District Energy System (DES) are part of the UN's Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All), and Belgrade is the only city in the world which carries out both of these initiatives. BEA main focus is on developing new partnerships and encouraging cooperation between the Public and Private sector and Civil society. Besides the companies, non-governmental organizations and local governments are involved in initiative, including 28 cities.

When it comes to Belgrade, guidelines for the implementation of procedures in renovation projects will be adopted normatively.

Sports and recreation part of Energy Week totalized the energy through the "Bike sharing program" City of Belgrade on Ada Ciganlija where participants were welcomed by Marko Stojanovic, Secretary of Secreteriat of Energy, City of Belgrade; Darko Glavaš, Director of Beokom service; Vladimir Bogicevic, executive director of the PCC "Parking service"; Maja Pavlovic, PC "Ada Ciganlija" and Ivan Stevic, president of the Cycling Federation of Belgrade.

"Bike sharing" has a goal to develop bicycle traffic in the next two years, not only as a form of recreation, but also as a form of transport, which involves using and returning the bike within a relatively short period of time.

FIFTH DAY, June 2nd 2017.

The last day of the Energy week in Cervantes Institute was held a workshop SE4ALL UNEP initiatives in the City of Belgrade on the theme "Energy Mapping – District energy in the cities". Attendees were addressed by Sonja Malicevic, UN Environment Office in Vienna; Romanas Savickas, UN Environment Office in Copenhagen; Bojan Bogdanovic, Belgrade Power Plants and Jelena Zivkovic and Michelle Bosquet, UN Environment.

At the workshop on energy mapping was pointed out that the information are needed to identify potentials and make decisions about increasing energy efficiency. Energy maps contain various data such as energy consumption, types and density distribution of buildings, large energy consumers, the type of heating facilities and more. Among other things, a long-term project of Belgrade mapping and development of the network coverage of the city center have been announced.

Energy Week was a unique event and meeting place of the relevant actors in the field of sustainable development. As part of this event were held numerous public meetings, conferences and workshops, which aimed to engage and bring together all generations. The focus at this gathering was to raise public awareness of the many issues and challenges related to energy security, energy and resilience, energy efficiency, energy consumption, renewable energy and environmental protection as well as the introduction of new solutions and technologies. The event Energy week registered on the official website of the European Commission as one of the events organized during the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

During 5 working days within the 20 different events outdoors and indoors this manifestation gathered representatives of relevant state institutions, universities and renowned research institutions, companies and manufacturers of advanced technology, local governments, civil society, and representatives of schools and the media.

Topics covered were directed towards renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, resilience of cities, environmental protection, sustainable development, oil, gas, transport and sustainable mobility, energy policy, energy security, education in the field of climate change, district heating, climate changes, investments and projects of the city of Belgrade.

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