CEDEF winner of Plaquet: Best vision for progress of Serbia

German Chamber of Commerce in Serbia and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce awarded CEDEF Plaquet: Best vision for progress of Serbia. The Serbian Visions program brings together dozens of selected educational and research institutions, companies and the civil sector that have a constructive vision for the progress of Serbia and its society and economy, and work hard it in order to achieve it.

CEDEF won recognition for 2017 in the competition of over 60 selected renowned organizations across Serbia. Continuous advocacy of CEDEF for sustainable development, cooperation in the region and strengthening the capacities of the local economy and municipalities in the area of climate changes has overtaken in the decision of the expert commission for awarding the Plaques.

The plaque was handed to the president of CEDEF, prof. Ana Bovan, by the Director of the German Chamber of Commerce in Serbia Mr. Martin Knapp. At the opening of the Serbian Visions multicongress, Dr. Selliger, President of the AHK, Mr. Nikčević, State Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Telecommunications, and Mr. Vesović, Deputy Director of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, addressed to the guests. On a behalf of the CEDEF team, Prof. Bovan thanked the AHK and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for plaque for long-standing commitment of the CEDEF, and announced a lot of activities and called for the cooperation of all who have a vision and are ready to work on its realisation.

At the end, prof. Bovan pointed out the vision of CEDEF:

Cooperation in a region that provides economic prosperity, climate resistance and sustainable development for all. We see a region where knowledge, innovation and experience exchanges through forums strengthening the capacities of municipalities, economics and citizens in the balance between development and climate challenges. Our mission is to be an accelerator of constructive cooperation, based on values of partnership, expertise and intergenerational climate justice.

You can see a Plaque award video HERE.

CEDEF presents ENERGY CITIES in Serbia

After successfully held Belgrade Investment Days 2017, CEDEF continues cooperation with municipalities.

Within the Third Multicongress in Serbia - SERBIAN VISIONS 2017, on November 25th 2017, CEDEF organised the presentation of the new Energy Cities initiative: "CEDEF and the global organisation ENERGY CITIES - Sustainable development of cities and municipalities of Serbia".

Organisation Energy Cities brings together local authorities on climate changes, regional policy and the search for additional financial resources. Energy Cities has over 1000 members from 30 countries, and CEDEF gets a new role of coordinator in Serbia. The presentation was held by Vladimir Grujovic, the city of Cacak, and Ivan Jovanovic, CEDEF.

At the multicongress, CEDEF had another presentation about the latest agreements reached within the UNFCCC 2017: "Climate changes - Final decisions from Bonn COP 23", which was held by prof. Ana Bovan, CEDEF.